Your Past Pain Is Your Greatest Asset

If you have been feeling stuck and want to know more about who you are as a speaker, as a person, as an artist, or as a human being, this course will help you. In three weeks of lessons and activities, you'll connect with your authentic self. You'll learn how to speak with power and grace in any situation. And you'll leave the course knowing how to be a confident and compelling speaker.

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Everything we do in life we express ourselves to the world. We can't be truly alive and content without showing our true selves. However, there is a fear that stops us from expressing ourselves to the world. That fear is public speaking.

Public Speaking has many negative connotations such as one's fear of being judged because they will say the wrong thing or talk too much about themselves. Whatever the reason may be, that fear restricts us from fully expressing ourselves and living a fulfilling life.

In this course we will explore the roots of public speaking and how it affects our life in many different ways. First, I will take you through a journey of self discovery to explore who you are and what you want to share with the world through self-expression. This will help you put together your personal story that will share your knowledge, wisdom, and experiences with others. In doing this work on yourself, it will help you get over any fears that may stand in your way from expressing yourself


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Module 1: Personal Assessment

The information you provide here will serve as a framework for creating your“core” story. For example, one of my core stories is that I had a major knee injury and was told that I would never run or jump again. No matter what topic I am speaking on, I can weave that story of perseverance into the presentation.

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Module 2:Pain/Happy Assessment

Here is where we dig down deep to discover what stories are within you and find the power in them. It’s ok to be vulnerable as it helps you heal from anything that is still hurting you and will help you connect your story to someone else that is experiencing a similar pain.

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Module 3: Who Needs To Hear Your Story?

This part will be tough but it will make you tougher and give you a clearer road to healing yourself, inspiring others, and possibly adding streams of revenue! Be specific with your answers.

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Module 4: Crafting Your Core Story

Now we put it all together and create your stories/presentations! With your target audience now defined we will weave your stories together so you can start inspiring others!

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My name is Robert B Foster and I am an ordinary man with an extraordinary imagination. I have always been a dreamer and was doubted by many people about my ability to accomplish those dreams but I listened to the ONE person whose opinion really mattered. The ONE person that could stop my forward progress...myself.

There were many hardships along the way but there were no failures. There are things that work and there are things that do not work. You learn from both and that is called experience. Too many times we get knocked down in life but it only becomes failure when we choose to stay down.

This course is not just about conquering the fear of public speaking. I will be taking you on a journey of self discovery that will help you master self expression. That is a skill that will take your life to new heights. As you go through each of the 4 modules, answer each section with as much detail and honesty as you can so we can create the stories that will change someone’s life while changing YOURS!

I can’t make any guarantees of success as that is solely dependent upon you applying the principles that I have laid out in the following modules. This course will lead you towards becoming a better speaker, listener, presenter, interviewer, interviewee, sales closer, podcast host, leader, manager, coach, communicator, and an overall better person

to name a few. Throughout this journey, you will discover a hidden superpower within yourself. Your past pain/struggles are your greatest assets. Be the sponge and soak up all of this information, apply what

you have learned, then go become who you were meant to be






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